Hi there, and welcome to my blog!

I’m Daniela, and cooking/baking is my therapy. When I’m happy, I mix up some cake batter, when I’m sad, I turn on the oven, and when I’m angry, I usually punch some dough! It seems to be working for me – my kids are well fed, no one punched anybody at our house lately, and I’ve managed to escape the couch in a psychiatrist’s office so far 🙂

I’m an expat living in the Pacific Northwest, and other than the mental health advantages, my experiments in the kitchen also offer me a chance to stay connected to my roots and culinary traditions from back home. I wouldn’t dare to say Slovak food is good for you (can we say butter? And cream?), but I promise your taste buds will be happy!

So come on in! My counters might be dusted with flour, but it’s nice and warm here, and there is a waft of cinnamon in the air. I hope you’ll enjoy your stay!


6 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Daniela
    It was a pleasure meeting you last night. I cant wait to see the photo of croissants. I look forward to seeing you again and maybe you could meet some of my girls. I shared your blog on my facebook and can’t wait to see your blog grow! Let’s connected!



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